Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana

Summer 2014
Fall 2014 and Spring 2015
Field Placement Supervisors
Judson Mitchell, Ameca Reali, Adrienne K. Wheeler
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Description of Field Work

The Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana “responds to the needs of incarcerated and ex-incarcerated populations in Louisiana, who are marginalized by both social stigma and the difficulty of communicating outside of prison walls, while changing the way lawyers provide services to these individuals.” Externs at JAC can expect to assist attorneys with criminal expungements including legislative issues studying the impact of expungements in Louisiana. Students will also assist with post-conviction legal issues including researching, writing and assisting attorneys.

Course recommendations: 
Students may want to "tether" a doctrinal upper level elective to this externship experience.  For a tethered experience, the Office of Skills and Experiential Learning recommends  students enroll in any of following courses the same semester as enrolled in this externship:  Constituional Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law Seminar. 


Application Process
Don't delay as opportunities will fill fast. Apply in early January through early April for a summer placement. The Office of Skills seeks to place all summer extern applications in by April 20th with finalized placements set by May 1st.  Apply in early March through June for a Fall or Spring placement. All externship applications for Fall should be submitted by July 31st.   Externship applications are processed on a first come first serve basis. 


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