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Ethics / Professionalism/ Law Practice Management

NEW -- Properly Adjusting Claims and the Ethical Implications Therein (Ethics)

  • 1.0 CLE hours, includes 1.0 hour of ethics
  • Course ID 0119180625B
  • This panel begins with a discussion of expectations that claims handlers face. It then delves into the ethical and professional standards that apply and are followed by claims adjusters. Finally, it provides solutions to deal effectively with claims handlers.
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The Ethical Interplay of Other Benefit Schemes on LHWCA Benefits (Ethics)

  • 1.0 CLE hours, includes 1.0 hour of ethics
  • Course ID 0119180622B    
  • This course deals with ethical considerations in coordinating and competing benefit schemes under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA), including – ERISA, EDD, Private Insurance, STD, LTD, Social Security Retirement, SSDI, and Pensions.
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Professionalism in Settlement Negotiations (Professionalism)

  • 1.0 CLE hours, includes 1.0 hour of professionalism 
  • Course ID 0119180622
  • This course features discussions of various topics related to the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) and the Defense Base Act (DBA). Topics include “universal offers” and the pitfalls to claimant’s counsel, fee negotiations and disclosure of offers, lump sum versus annuitized settlements, Medicare set-asides to protect medical benefits, and financial planning for the claimant post-settlement.
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Handling Clients, Their Files, and Disciplinary Complaints (Law Practice Management)

  • 1.25 CLE hours, includes 1.25 hours of law office practice 
  • Course ID 0119171220
  • Course features speaker Brian Barnes
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New Courses

Are Article I Judges Constitutional?

  • .75 CLE hours
  • Course ID 0119180625C
  • This discussion focuses on whether Article I Judges (i.e. Administrative Law Judges) are Constitutional. There has been litigation over the past few years regarding whether administrative proceedings presided over by ALJs are unconstitutional. This panel discusses the various recent cases – Lucia and Bandimere included. The Supreme Court granted certiorari and heard oral arguments in the Lucia case in April of 2018. 
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Significant Judicial Updates Impacting Claims Arising Under the Act (LHWCA and DBA)

  • 1.0 CLE hours
  • Course ID 0119180625
  • This course features a discussion on the recent (within the past year) case law under the Labor Harbors Workers’ Compensation Act and its extensions. 
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Section 10(i), Delayed Onset, Traumatic Injuries, and Occupational Diseases

  • 1.0 CLE hours
  • Course ID 0119180625A    
  • The LHWCA provides compensation and medical benefits to workers who sustain injuries arising out of and in the course of certain categories of employment. These individuals are compensated under one of three systems: the first deals with “scheduled,” statutory injuries; the second with unscheduled, “accidental” injuries; and the third is for retirees who suffer occupational diseases that do not become disabling until after retirement. This panel discusses Section 10(i), the third compensation scheme.
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Secondary Injuries and the Section 20(a) Presumption

  • .75  CLE hours
  • Course ID 0119180625D   
  • The LHWCA defines primary injuries as those arising out of and in the course of employment and secondary injuries as those that naturally or unavoidably result from such injury. The Section 20(a) presumption aids a claimant in that he/she does not have the initial burden of establishing a causal relationship between his/her injury and employment. This causation may be rebutted by the defendant. This discussion delves into the current circuit split between the Fourth and Fifth Circuit Courts of Appeals as to whether this presumption applies to secondary injuries.
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Additional on-demand offerings

A Basic Review of Wills and Trusts for the General Practitioner

  • 2.5 CLE hours
  • Course ID 0119171207C
  • Course features a section on Wills by Beth-Anne Perez Bracey and a section on Trusts by Orr Adams, Jr. It provides practitioners with the basic knowledge of estate planning, including drafting wills and basic trusts.  It also discusses how to help clients through the legalities of planning for their own death or the death of a loved one.
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Issues in Medical Care and Causation

  • 1.5 CLE hours
  • Course ID 0119180622A
  • This panel features a defense attorney, a Board Certified orthopedic surgeon, a Vice President of an insurance company, and a claimant’s attorney. The robust discussion covers topics such as natural progression versus new injuries, what constitutes cumulative trauma, handling medical care in controverted claims, medical cost containment and what constitutes a prevailing community rate. 
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A Primer on Expropriations in Louisiana

  • 3.0 CLE hours
  • Course ID 0119171207D
  • A variety of topics are discussed during this presentation. Including: the relationship between fundamental property rights and the public’s need for property for public purposes; due process; a comparison of relevant provisions of the United States Constitution with the Louisiana Constitution; the distinction between an expropriation of property and “appropriation” of property; regulatory taking; governmental expropriation of property for private development; just compensation; and valuation issues.
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IP for the Non-IP Practitioner: Pitfalls, Perspectives & Pointers and Information Privacy Law: Intro to Consumer Privacy & Data Protection

  • 3.0 CLE hours
  • Course ID 0119171220A
  • Part I begins with an intellectual property primer (patents, trade secrets, copyright, trademarks and franchises) geared to the practitioner. The remainder of the program reviews specific matters (whether engagements for advice, transactions or litigation and whether involving common or sophisticated ideas and technology, artistic works, brands or product distribution) that may arise in practice. 
  • Part II discuss such questions as: Does the fight between Apple and the FBI mean anything to my clients? Are my clients collecting information on their customers or on visitors to their web-sites or mobile apps?  Do my clients have, or need, a “privacy policy”?  What is a “privacy policy”? 
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A Basic Review of Wills and Trusts for the General Practitioner - Estate Planning/Bracey

  • 1.5 CLE hours (NOTE - this course contains a portion of the same content as the one above (course ID 0119171207C)
  • Course ID 0119171207B
  • Course features a section on Wills by Beth-Anne Perez Bracey
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A Basic Review of Wills and Trusts for the General Practitioner - The Basics of Louisiana Trusts/Adams

  • 1.0 CLE hours (NOTE - this course contains a portion of the same content as a course  above (course ID 0119171207C)
  • Course ID 0119171207A    
  • Course features a section on Trusts by Orr Adams, Jr. 
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