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Family and Divorce Mediation Training | August 5-9, 2019

This 40 hour training seminar will qualify the licensed professional to serve as a mediator under the Louisiana Domestic Relations Mediator Qualifications Statute, Louisiana Revised Statutes Section 9:334. The training also qualifies mediators for the CDC Roster of Family Mediators in New Orleans. Further, 14 of these hours count towards the hours needed to be a parenting coordinator under the Louisiana Parenting Coordinator statute, La. R.S. 9:358.3.

Program Highlights

  • Overview of Mediation and the Seven Step Process
  • Working with the Courts
  • Listening and Communication Skills
  • Mediating with Lawyers and Mediating Civil Cases
  • Brief Review of Divorce Law Procedures and Louisiana Community Property
  • Closing Techniques, Breaking Impasse, and Reaching Agreement

Tuition: $1,050
Location: Loyola College of Law - Broadway Campus


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Graduation from law school isn’t the end of your education. It’s just the beginning. Loyola Continuing Legal Education offers a wide range of post-graduate educational opportunities to further your knowledge in a number of subjects including Estate Planning, Family Law and the Annual Longshore Conference (ALC). While these courses are designed for attorneys, professionals from other disciplines, including CPAs, physicians, insurance professionals and mental health professionals, can take away valuable knowledge from these courses. One-day and two-day programs as well as Saturday morning lectures and online courses are available to allow professionals with the busiest of schedules to continue their education.


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