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Certificate in Law Technology and Entrepreneurship

The College of Law offers a Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship certificate to meet the increased demand in the job market for trained lawyers who advise entrepreneurs. Law students completing the certificate can also graduate equipped with the skills needed to become entrepreneurs themselves.

The coursework required for the certificate provides training on both business creation and technology issues.  On the business side, students complete both Business Organizations (LAW L746) and the Business Planning Seminar (LAW L867).  In the seminar, students learn each step required to create a business from the initial conception to final incorporation.  Students are also encouraged to join the Entrepreneurship Project (LAW L880), which allows students to earn credit while advising local start-ups with their legal and business needs.

On the technology side, students earning the certificate take Intellectual Property (LAW L801) and the Law & Technology Seminar (LAW L967).  The seminar provides students with an overview of relevant modern digital technologies and legal doctrines. Students will obtain an overview of both network and application technologies.  The course will also cover the intersection of these technologies with relevant aspects of intellectual property law, privacy law, Internet law, business law and communications law.

Students can also participate in the Technology and Legal Innovation Clinic (LAW L897).  In this clinic, students design and implement technology projects aimed at assisting legal practitioners and increasing access to justice. Students learn to write software code and work with data and then put these skills into practice to solve real-world legal problems.

The College of Law complements the certificate program with a regular roster of speakers including entrepreneurs, 501(c)(3) organizations that focus on supporting entrepreneurial activity, governmental agencies and departments that focus on economic development, and members of the local technology community.

All requirements and eligible courses for this certificate are available in the Law Bulletin and in the graduation audit form