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Legal Research & Writing

Loyola takes great pride in its rigorous legal research and writing training that prepares students for both objective and persuasive legal analysis.  In the first semester of a student’s first year, Loyola’s legal writing program lays the foundation for effective advocacy. Beginning with the Lawyering I course, students learn effective legal research and objective written analysis.  In the second semester, students continue with Lawyering II which shifts focus to persuasive legal writing and oral advocacy. The small class setting allows multiple opportunities for focused instruction and evaluation by the professor.

After completing the foundational year, students can focus on additional research and writing opportunities, which include Teaching Assistant positions for the Lawyering I and II courses, advanced writing courses, and scholarly writing courses.  Students can apply to work alongside professors of Lawyering, reviewing drafts, crafting legal arguments, and providing oral argument critique to students. Students also staff an onsite Writing Lab where first-year students receive one-on-one comment and critique on the various writing assignments authored throughout the year.

After the first year, students can also participate in writing competitions and journals, and each student must author a scholarly article or independent study paper through a seminar course or an independent study under the supervision of a professor.

Courses required

Lawyering I and II

Courses suggested

Advanced Legal Research; Advanced Legal Writing

Skills courses suggested

Scholarly Writing Series: Part I; Scholarly Writing Series: Part II; Effective Brief Writing

Directors of Lawyering Program: Professor Mary Garvey Algero and Professor Emily Bishop

For more information, contact the Directors.