International Advocacy

In line with its rich Louisiana civil law heritage, Loyola places great value on the international experience for its students.  Students can choose to enroll in the civil law or common law program of study and can obtain a certificate in the other course of study to obtain the most comprehensive and comparative experience.  Students who seek a professional career in the global economy are also encouraged to obtain a certificate in International Law Studies.

Loyola offers a series of summer abroad programs to introduce students to the culture and legal systems overseas.  Students can obtain clerkship opportunities overseas in coordination with the summer abroad program. Further, students can participate in international moot court competitions, including the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court competition and the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot.

The International Law Society provides an additional information source for opportunities available abroad and for camaraderie with students and practitioners alike who share in the desire to expand study and work internationally.

Courses suggested

Law of the European Union, International Law, International Law Seminar, Immigration Clinic, International Trade Law, International Dispute Resolution

Skills courses suggested

Beyond Culture and Language in Immigration Advocacy, French Language and Legal Culture

Faculty Advisor for Vis International: Professor Robert Garda

For more information, contact the Faculty Advisor.