Professor Robert Verchick Quoted in Times-Picayune Article on Future of Environmental Regulation

Professor Robert Verchick was cited in a recent Times-Picayune article speculating on the future of Louisiana’s coast and environmental regulation under the incoming Trump administration.  The wide-ranging piece covers coastal erosion, fracking, and EPA regulation.  Verchick’s expertise addressed President-Elect Trump’s ability to roll back environmental regulation.  He says even a compliant congress won’t allow Trump to quickly enact drastic change.

But Rob Verchick, an environmental law professor at Loyola University and president of the Center for Progressive Reform, said Trump will at least be slowed in those efforts by both existing federal law and the bureaucratic process he's promised to change. "I think the big message here is that our regulatory structure is actually built to put the brakes on rapid change, and that works both ways, both for pro-environmental concerns and for anti-environmental concerns," Verchick said.

"No president has the power of fiat to just eliminate things," he said. "So while it's true that a Trump administration could do a lot of damage to environmental protection or change the jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act in certain ways or scuttle climate change regulations, in the U.S. those things can't happen instantly and not without serious opposition by not only environmentalists but many industries that have already adapted to the new rules, made innovations to do so." What happens to Louisiana environment under Trump administration?