Professor John Lovett Presents Paper on Adverse Possession at Texas A&M Roundtable

Professor John Lovett presented his paper, What We Talk About When We Talk About Adverse Possession: 1881-1985, at the Texas A&M University School of Law’s Real Property Law Roundtable.  The February 3rd panel discussion was titled “Adverse Possession, Mortgages, and the Public Trust Doctrine.”

Professor Sally Brown Richardson of Tulane University School of Law summarized the work in a post on the PropertyProf Blog:

John's work looks at the history of adverse possession in the United States.  In looking at the scholarship on adverse possession through the centuries, John finds there are five themes scholars have focused on:  (1) what was adverse possession fundamentally--was it a statute of limitations or an affirmative means of acquiring property?, (2) what elements should be required for adverse possession?, (3) what was the social, legal, and institutional purpose of the doctrine, (4) how American adverse possession law developed to be uniquely American, and (5) an attempt to influence courts analyzing adverse possession cases.