2014 Alumna Becca Curry Co-Authors ACLU Report on Colorado City Courts

Becca Curry, J.D. ’14, co-authored a report for the ACLU titled Justice Derailed: A case study of abusive and unconstitutional practices in Colorado city courts.  Curry is a Research and Policy Associate for the American Civil Liberties Union.

[The report] is based on a multi-year ACLU investigation which revealed that, despite a bipartisan reform effort at the state legislature, many municipal courts persistently ignore constitutional standards and state law and continue to employ practices that punish defendants for their poverty.

The report finds: “While some Colorado municipal judges are actively working to improve the quality and fairness of their courts, others run their courtroom like a personal fiefdom, trampling on the rights of criminal defendants – especially those living in poverty – with impunity.”

American Civil Liberties Union: ACLU Report Highlights Abusive and Unconstitutional Practices in Colorado City Courts